Here is a concern you need to add when looking for a new and better cleaning service. Are the cleaners Flu, TB, and Covid 19 Vaccinated? If not, after two years in lockdown due to the pandemic, you need to replace them.

Required annually, OSHA mandates employees who are at risk of exposure to blood and other infectious diseases while on the job to participate in Bloodborne Pathogens Training. This has potential in Hospitals, doctors’ offices, clinics, schools, and universities and about everywhere else.  We take that further to include chemical handling protocols and identification safety training to make sure no mixed reactions happen on your property. And Personal Protection Equipment,( PPE) training, to ensure your staff and our staff do not trade infections. At Preferred Building Maintenance LLC safety is a number 1 priority. We also use a sustainability guide to reference solid and sound basic cleaning processes.

Have your cleaning staff or supervisors received Bloodborne Pathogens or PPE Training in the last 12 months?