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Have you checked your janitors closet lately?

Check your janitor closet lately? You should. Here’s why. Thursday, January 20, 2022 6:36 PM One of the best measures to learn if your service company still cares about your facility is a review of their janitor closet. Think about when you need to do a job at home. How great of a job can…
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Sustainability, janitorial cleaning industry

Sustainability in the janitorial cleaning industry involves implementing practices that reduce the environmental impact of cleaning products and equipment, as well as minimizing waste and energy usage. Here are some ways the industry can work towards sustainability: Implementing these sustainability practices in the janitorial cleaning industry not only helps protect the environment but also benefits…
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Communicating through Listening

At Preferred Building Maintenance LLC, we are not so interested in telling you what new tech you’re going to get. We’re interested in learning what you feel you are not getting and what you need. Oh yes, we offer all options and all the tech, but what good are they if you are not getting…
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 Here is a concern you need to add when looking for a new and better cleaning service. Are the cleaners Flu, TB, and Covid 19 Vaccinated? If not, after two years in lockdown due to the pandemic, you need to replace them. Required annually, OSHA mandates employees who are at risk of exposure to blood…
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