Have you checked your janitors closet lately?

Check your janitor closet lately? You should. Here’s why.

Thursday, January 20, 2022

6:36 PM

One of the best measures to learn if your service company still cares about your facility is a review of their janitor closet.

Think about when you need to do a job at home. How great of a job can be done if your tools and materials are not in their proper place? Is your work made less difficult or more difficult if tools are missing or chemical solutions are not in the right place at the right time?  The first thing a good supervisor should check when they walk in is the janitor’s closet at a customer’s building. If it is disorganized, speak to your cleaning staff to explain a clean closet is a benefit to everyone including our staff.  Work results are always better when we know our company organizes its tools, chemicals, paper supplies, and equipment. Our supervisors assign the staff exactly as necessary to meet and exceed client instructions. A checklist can be used to insure all tasks are completed.

Step one is the door to the janitor’s closet. Is it locked or left unlocked?  Harmful tools, chemical solvents, and equipment by their nature, must be locked up, especially when the facility is a school.  Unlocked doors are an open invitation to any child or person looking to take the product and use it incorrectly, steal supplies or equipment or play with sharp tools. Just because products are green listed does not mean you will not find disinfectants that have caustic or poisonous characteristics. It seems so simple and rudimentary. It is not, in fact, it is a critical factor in all building environments.    

Equipment is regularly inspected for both mechanical and electrical issues that require maintenance long before failure occurs such as frayed or damaged electrical cords, plugs or switches.  Supervisors must check chemical bottles to ensure proper labeling, no leakage and broken pump spray nozzles are replaced to correct these issues before they can cause problems.

Safety comes first before tech at Preferred Building Maintenance LLC. safety of our clients and the safety of

Clients. Students, occupants, and employees. Our staff knows and follows the rules.  We ensure every building has current SDS (Safety Data Sheets), information kept neatly in janitor closets near our chemicals, and digital SDS are available for facilities people to keep accessible on their Desktop PCs or Smartphone.

 A cleaning service must always keep safety in focus.  Our staff consistently wear and use PPE, (Personal Protective Equipment), always, and as the cleaning task requires. Gloves, face masks, face shields, safety specs or glasses, aprons, hair bonnets or construction helmets, respirators, and chemical gloves when required. Preferred Building Maintenance is organized. This gives our clients an extra level of safety.