Communicating through Listening

At Preferred Building Maintenance LLC, we are not so interested in telling you what new tech you’re going to get. We’re interested in learning what you feel you are not getting and what you need. Oh yes, we offer all options and all the tech, but what good are they if you are not getting what you need?

We also feel you know what you need in terms of cleaning frequency. Preferred Building Maintenance LLC has monthly, biweekly, weekly, twice or three days 5 days and 7day per week, full-time Day porters’ day or evening crews and service are available. We do not push any schedule that does not work, we may surprise you with what you require and save you costs overall.

On a consistency level, our personnel use a cloud-based time clock sign-in/out service to allow us to see when staff are out sick or disabled in your building and don’t sign out for safety’s sake. Here again, communicating is essential. And we keep that data for future reference.

A supervisor continues to visit and inspect our work long after you hire us, on a regular basis delivering supplies, communicating what needs to be done and how to do those things that require detailed work. 

We get the job done and do so with costs that are fair and well-balanced.  We are 100% insured and bonded. Our staff is vaccinated and boosted. We don’t allow personal phone calls while on duty with the exception of true emergencies. And we communicate this with our staff using many tools such as the employee handbook, and sustainability process guidebook. We don’t listen to reply, we listen to learn and help us do magnificent work.