Communicating and Listening—it's in the details.

At Preferred Building Maintenance LLC, we are not so interested in telling you what new tech you're going to get. We are interested in learning what you feel you are not getting and what you need. Oh yes, we offer every and all options and all the tech, but what good are they if you are not getting what you need?

We also feel you know what you need in terms of cleaning frequency. Preferred Building Maintenance LLC has monthly, biweekly, weekly, twice or 3-day 5-day and 7-day per week, full time day porters, day or evening crews and service available. We do not push any schedule that does not work; we may surprise you on what you require and save you money in the long run.

On a consistency level, our personnel use a cloud-based time clock sign in/out service to allow us to see when staff are out sick or possibly disabled in your building and don't sign out for safety’s sake. And we keep that data for future reference.

A supervisor continues to visit and inspect our work long after you hire us, on a regular basis.

We get the job done and do so with costs that are fair and well balanced.  We are 100% insured and bonded. Our staff are vaccinated and boosted. We wear masks and keep our distance. We don't allow phone calls while on duty with the exception of true emergencies.

We are a premier commercial B2B Janitorial service contractor.

Preferred Building Maintenance LLC, in existence since 1999, has the reputation for high quality cleaning and great response when needed. Our president has been in the commercial cleaning and janitorial services industry for over 30 years. He understands the need for excellent management and the role immediate response plays in building our business. That is why our emphasis is on supervisors and their effective deployment in the field. Whether office cleaning, cleaning a private school and its dormitories, medical exam room cleaning, commons areas or public areas, or cleaning restrooms, a building must be properly supervised in order for the cleaning service to continue managing that property. Building Managers should never have to remind the cleaning staff of routine requirements.

  • we utilize our strong managers to visit each building to ensure cleaning specifications are adhered to.
  • better processes to help us do a thorough job
  • use products that are in sync with the environment “green compliant”
  • wear uniforms and photo identification while on duty, so our client know who, where and why we are in your building at all times.
  • focus is on keeping your occupants happy through the use having supervisors perform routine inspections of our staff's weekly routine.
  • references available on request.
  • Our clients will be the best way for you to learn more about our true performance.
  • We use green seal listed chemical cleaning products from Diversey / Sealed Air where possible.

We are also members of the New Milford Chamber of Commerce and Preferred Building Maintenance LLC is considered a minority owned business.

About the Owner

Preferred Building Maintenance LLC is led by its owner, Mr. Louis Pereira of New Milford CT. He is a friendly and an outstanding individual who has some 30-plus years in the Commercial B2B Janitorial and cleaning industry. Lou is also in his spare time a championship soccer coach. Soccer and great service are his passions. He knows how to lead his staff in providing his client's exceptional level of company image and cleaning. He listens to every word and knows the importance of detail in cleaning. He can spot issues that escape the eye of those less focused on proper image. He maintains good relations and communications with his clients. He understands his clients depend on him to help set the bar for the aesthetics of their company to employees and their key clients.

Because Lou is very sports-oriented (Soccer, Football, and Baseball) he understands people and where their strengths and weaknesses are, which allows him success in structuring teams in both sports and on his cleaning services. Louis goes to every initial sales visit to make the personal connection so critical to understanding each of his clients' needs and expectations. When companies hire Preferred Building Maintenance LLC, they hire Louis Pereira. It's why he greets all his clients with a smile and says "Yes sir, boss." Does your service treat your business with that respect and attention to detail? That kind of relationship is what makes quality so easy to enjoy when you hire Preferred Building Maintenance. They make everyday VIP tour day, as he says, "each day my client should not be concerned with a surprise visit and tour by their VIPs". Preferred Building Maintenance is ready... When Quality Cleaning Matters.

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We serve locations throughout CT and NY including: Litchfield, Hartford, Fairfield, and New Haven counties in Connecticut and Westchester, Putnam, and Duchess counties in New York.

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